Anxiety who? working out is my time to think about whats in-front of me and nothing else. Dumbbells? Treadmill? Elliptical? going to the gym for me needs to be consistent and the same time everyday. I wake up and go to the gym before I start my day.

At 9am, I am starting my day off on the treadmill where I will walk and run for 10 minutes. (I already want to go home) But I am here and pushing through the pain. After the treadmill I am heading over to the bike where I will work my legs for another 10 minutes. By then, I am exhausted. Then I head over to the weight machines where I will work my entire body for another 20 minutes. ABS, legs, arms, and back machines.

I take many sips of my yeti water cup. After my 30 minutes of working out is complete. I sit in the sauna for 10 minutes to sweat all my icky toxins out.

Its all about what you do when you wakeup. What do you fuel your body with? Is it coke or water? for me its WATER.