Welcome Classmates! My name is Sydney Rehm and I am here to be your life coach. Life is hard, School is hard, Friends are hard. I GET IT!

I am a 5th year senior here at UWW. I transferred here from College Of Dupage in IL. I am 22 years old and turning 23 in May. I like being with my friends, going out to eat, traveling, and working out. I am a social butterfly. My major is Corporate Health Communication with a minor in Advertising. After graduation, I hope to land a job somewhere in the Medical Sales field.

Something that I have been considering is my real estate license. Ive always loved looking at the different houses on the market. I like a life of a realtor is fast paced, but I am definitely a good fit for that. I am ALWAYS going and going. I don’t relax.. but I am here to tell you how to relax!

On my website you will be learning about Journaling, Meditation, Working out, how to stay positive, Organization, Avoiding negativity, Knowing your worth, make time for friends, self care, breaking bad habits, and LASTLY taking time off.

So, Welcome! Please comment your thoughts. I would love to hear them