Post 11 Photography

For my research project, I wanted to capture students using technology while doing homework. This was an easy task to accomplish because all I had to do was go into an area where students hang out and take pictures. However, I didn’t want all of them to be of students just sitting around on their phones. I tried to make the pictures unique in their own way by making each picture different than the last picture.

To accomplish this goal, I would take a picture of someone on their phone in class. Then I’d go into the hallway and take a picture of someone on their phone waiting for a class to begin. Also, I wanted pictures of students socializing on their phone, and I wanted students on their phone/laptop doing homework.

Not all of the students I took pictures of were on their phone. Some students I took pictures of were of students working on homework. I wanted these kinds of pictures because my generation is criticized for being on their screens too much. These photos show not all college students are looking at their phones being anti-social. Instead, it shows that students work hard for their grades and aren’t on their phone constantly.

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