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May 15th, 2018

Meme Presentation

May 15th, 2018

Evil Kermit Meme Presentation

After reading “Facebook’s Identity Problem” by Jessa Lingel, I completely understand why drag queens or anyone who feels more comfortable under another name would get upset about this issue.  It isn’t fair to have someone use a name that they might not be comfortable with.  For me, my first and last name are something that I am comfortable with and I feel OK to share it so my social medias, but I realize that others might not feel the same way.  I think that Facebook made the correct decision to publicly apologize and to get rid of their “real name policy” which stated that uses may have only one profile, and it must be their given name.

It was interesting to read that Mark Zuckerberg once suggested that having more than one online identity indicated a “lack of integrity”.  I am going to assume that this is just an outdated opinion because if he still believes that today, than that is a very closed minded and selfish outlook on life.  He would have no respect or understanding about people who don’t always go by their name, but this is why we are talking about this now.  At the beginning when he had this opinion, it shows why drag queens and others would have their pages deleted.  It shows that there was always that slight intent at the beginning, but I am sure now that is all behind the company.

While reading though the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr, it really forced me to stop and think about just how much I glaze over readings.  I spend so much time getting the basic understanding of what I am reading instead of actually taking the time to sit down and understand the material.  It is reassuring to know that I am not the only one who gets lost in the words sometimes.  I have experienced times where I think I read an entire page, only to have to reread it just because I didn’t actually understand what I read.  I will go through too quickly and just read the words, not understand the meaning.

It is true that we rely on the internet too much.  If I have any question in the galaxy I can just google it and within seconds I will have my answer.  We have become lazy with our quest for knowledge, only going as deep as a google search sometimes instead of actually learning about the subject matter.  Sometimes we get so lazy that we just call on Siri to tell us the answer to our question.  Things like this are things that we take for granted and abuse.  Bruce Friedman was quoted saying, “I now have almost totally lost the ability to read and absorb a longish article on the web or in print” and I couldn’t agree more.  I feel like reading something longer isn’t worth the while anymore and that is pretty sad.  As long as we as humans don’t rely on technology to answer all our questions, we can stay smart and active in our quest for knowledge.


Feature Story Paper

May 15th, 2018 is a live streaming platform where creators have free reign to produce any type of content they wish.  Even though gaming is the most popular topic for the site, there are hundreds of other types of streams including but not limited to: music, game development, art, food and many more.  I wanted to see if sites like had potential to rival television networks.  I wanted to interview a wide range of people who either were involved with the site themselves, knew about the site, or had no clue what it was.  Being able to have such a wide variety really allowed me to get a better understanding of my topic.  The biggest misconception of is that it is solely for gaming.  From the information I received through my interviews, it seems that if people had more knowledge of the non-gaming side of the site, they would consider using Twitch more often.  Most people who are gamers have explored the non-gaming side but choose to stick to what they are familiar with.  In the audio interview with Valerie Glowinski, it brought to light the fact that some people don’t even know that Twitch is a free site.  She mentioned that she would prefer to stick with TV because it was familiar and was what she grew up with.  Humans don’t enjoy change and prefer pattern and routine.  This seems to be the big issue that Twitch will have to deal with if it ever wanted to compete with TV networks.

People who were more involved in the Twitch community explained that they enjoy the interaction that live streaming brings.  Twitch has a chat system that allows the viewers to be able to communicate with the streamer.  This is something that automatically allows people to feel a stronger connection to streamers they enjoy, like the way people love their local news anchor.  The major difference is that it would be much harder for an average joe to be able to communicate with their favorite news anchor, while a Twitch viewer can easily talk and have a conversation with the streamer they are interested in.  Having a community also brings a sense of connection that television can’t provide.  Of course, there are fans of a show, but unless you go online or are with friends, you can’t just talk to others about what is going on in the show at that exact moment.  Since Twitch is a live streaming site, it allows in time reactions and immediate communication.

Overall, Twitch has a long way to go before it can rival television, but live streaming sites do have potential to be a worthy competitor just because of the fan base and the communication.  Television networks shouldn’t just brush off sites like Twitch because they are able to cover more content at the incredible price of free.  Viewers have the choice to support which streamers they want without having to pay for all the streamers they don’t want to watch.  There is potential for live streaming sites like Twitch to compete with television as long as they keep growing as strong as they are.

Reflexive essay

May 15th, 2018

I was lucky enough to be born at the time where newer technology, like computers and smart phones, was just starting to take off.   I was able to grow up without having to rely on the internet.  My mom used to tell me that she would have to start writing down all the random questions I was asking her because she wanted to learn the answers too someday.  It surprises me just how easy it is now to get information just by pressing a few buttons.  When we got our first computer, an old Dell, I wasn’t allowed to use it at the time.  Seeing kids today already having their own iPhone and such really shows how times are changing.  When I was finally allowed to use the internet, there was one website that I was obsessed with and I still visit daily.  That website is YouTube.

I started watching YouTube videos back in 2008.  Old YouTube stars like Smosh and Jenna Marbles were just starting to take off and hitting one million subscribers was a huge deal.  I would come home from school every day and used the time I was allowed on the computer to watch YouTube videos.  This became my normal.  I would spend any spare time I could just watching videos.  It started to impact my grades at the time as well because I would stay up very late just to keep watching.  I would stop doing homework or just try to finish it in the morning.  I have developed better watching habits now a day, but I used to be completely addicted to this idea of watching people make videos.  I would watch comedy skits and people making parody videos.  The internet was so new, and people were exploring what they could make to get people to watch.  Viral videos would be cats, people singing silly songs, or just making random things.  It feels like it is much harder to “go viral” currently because of the way our society has changed its views of the internet.

I use YouTube daily.  I enjoy a lot of different content on the site as well.  I stay up to date by watching news related videos, I watch people make compilations of Vines and popular video games that I play, and I even enjoy makeup videos.  I can find something to watch depending on the mood that I am in.  About 60 hours of videos is uploaded every minute, which means that if I want to watch someone decorating a cake, I could easily find over one thousand videos instantly.  YouTube gives anyone the chance to become famous or at least try.  I really love the fact that there is a community for everything on YouTube.  I am a person who plays a lot of video games, loves to DIY, watches anime, and cooks.  There are hundreds if not millions of different channels that I could find for each of those interests.  This site gives people the chance to be involved with all the things they love, conveniently and all in one place.  It also brings communities together that might not have always been.  People who are into skateboarding are now able to find other people interested in skateboarding just by watching videos about skateboarding.  It feels so easy to meet people who have similar interests which is something that was not always possible.

I called my dad, who is 57 right now, on the phone asking him if he knew any famous YouTubers.  After about 5 minutes of him thinking and guessing movie stars instead, he mentioned an interesting change between his and my generation.  He told me about how the tire company, Bridgestone, explains how to change a tire on their website.  There are two diverse ways they do this.  First is a video showing step by step instruction, while the other is it written out step by step.  My dad explained to me that he would much rather print out the written version and have it with him while he did it, while he knew that I would much rather watch the video if I had to change a tire.  It really made a lot of sense and it was interesting to finally notice.  My dad has always been a “let me read the instructions” kind of guy and I used to hate that about him.  Watching videos was always the easier way and I never understood why my dad was so against it.  But it was interesting to realize that younger generations would much rather watch a video, which is kind of the effortless way out, over read them.  This might help explain why DIY videos are so popular online.  It could also help show people if doing the DIY is even worth it or if you should get it done professionally.

The thing I love most about how YouTube has become more mainstream.  People talk about famous YouTubers the same way they would talk about famous movie stars.  The older generation of people don’t always see YouTube as a successful future, but to the younger crowds, YouTube is the platform where anyone can become famous.  I used to get made fun of for being a fan of YouTube, but now, I can mention the name PewDiePie and almost everyone is familiar with that person.

All in all, YouTube is something that I have been heavily involved with for a little over 10 years.  The way the site has changed from a comedy posting site, to the most popular and a well-respected video viewing site, really shows how our society has been changing and how we use modern technology for all types of purposes.





What I’ve Learned

April 30th, 2018

When I first started in New Communication Technologies, I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but now I have a better understanding of how the modern technologies that are becoming more and more advanced each day are affecting not only how we communicate to each other, but how those actions are having bigger and bigger affects.

Seeing how far our cultures have advanced into these machine reliant beings is at first alarming but seeing just what we can do with this innovative technology is incredible.  We are capable of so much now.  We can share funny pictures, alert others of dangerous situations, or even just talk about our interests through others online.  We are in an era where everything is online.  We spend all our time online and live our lives through screens.  This isn’t a terrible thing though, this allows us to advance and to push our society to its limit.

The whole Facebook incident really frustrated me.  We were able to dive deeper into the topic which opened my eyes to just how much we blindly trust the internet.  Of course, we know not to trust the Nigerian prince who is asking us to send him money through our email, but a company as big as Facebook, I think we all expected better from them.  This really showed me that I should not just be a blind sheep who follows whatever is available.  I need to study, do research and try and look at the bigger pictures instead of just accepting what is right in front of me.  I also loved that this class allowed me to expand my source finding skills.  I was not very good at finding scholarly sources before this class, but now I feel like a pro.

The most interesting part of this class to me was that we did not only focus on the news side of media, we were able to talk about memes, social media, and sides of communication that I never thought would be discussed in a college level class.  The impact that social media has had on our world is immense.  We cannot live without social media anymore.  It is so impactful that the thought of losing it now would seem like a massive loss.  We can spread a lot of information quickly and effectively if done properly.  Of course, this power can be abused easily and people who are not internet savy might fall prey to these scams, but overall, the internet is an important asset that should never be taken for granted.

Overall, I learned a lot more from this class than I was expecting.  I now have a stronger understanding of how our world is changing and how the internet and social media is helping to shape the future of our world.  I really enjoyed being able to talk about memes and such, but really being able to take a step back and evaluate our world and how things are changing is something incredible.

Twitter and Tear Gas

February 6th, 2018

Twitter and Tear Gas started chapter three with an interesting story.  It talked about this woman’s grandmother who was exceptionally smart but was born in Turkey and was taken out of school once she had completed the fifth grade.  It is very sad to see someone with such potential be shut down before talent shows, but some cultures keep gender roles stricter.  After the end of World War I, Turkey was building a new central government formed from the fallen Ottoman Empire.  They focused on building schools and improving the school system.  Teachers were given the job to find girls who were gifted and show potential and send them to school.  The grandmothers name was in the paper and she was sent to that school to finally be educated.  The thing that was difficult for all the students, was their Turkish language class.  Not everyone knew the standardized “Istanbul Turkish”, but it would soon become the new normal thanks to mass media.  Mass media helped bring a unified language through newspapers and common national institutions.  This brought the country together and helped them to become more unified.

It is interesting how mass media has been changing through the years.  From the newspaper to just a gathering circle, mass media was always a way for people to communicate effectively and get valuable information out to the world.  Soon, money and wealth would be big contributions to who could use different forms of media.  Being able to read the newspaper showed wealth since being literate was not widespread at the time.  Most people had to rely on just messages spoken out loud.

Something that I find interesting is the fact that as media continues to change, it also changes our culture, way of life, and just our society.  Having a community that is more technologically focused really is going to be different from a community that barely knew how to read.  It allows us to change as humans and adapt to new situations.  But the interesting thing to note here is that even though humans rely on technology the most, people still write letters, read physical newspapers, and still hold onto older forms of mass media.  It really shows that sometimes the older inventions are still great today for spreading information.

Sometimes mass media advances at a rapid speed.  It means that the modern technology can keep up with the amount of information that we are putting out into the world.  The story of Sana really shows that the world is willing to listen if you have a good message to send.  In this case, she was able to go to Twitter and share her frustration online, showing the world the problems that she was facing where she lived.  This really shows just how connected the world can be.  Not a single person was willing to listen to Sara, but as soon as she found her crowd, the ones who would listen (the political activists), this opened up a whole new opportunity for not only Sara, but anyone who had a voice that needed to be heard.

The final thing that I think is interesting about this chapter is how it goes through all the different mass medias that changed the world.  Ending with the start of Facebook, mass media was able to connect people together who would have never been able to before.  Facebook uses the social want to feel popular or powerful to attract inexperienced users, especially in Turkey.  It really made ties stronger with friends and family.  But the most incredible thing is how mass media can be used not only for friends and family, but also for spreading important news quickly and effectively.

Love Online

February 6th, 2018

Love Online is a story about two kids who met online and started dating.  The idea of having internet boyfriends and girlfriends online seemed crazy to us back then but now seems like such a common every day thing.  The story really hit close to me personally because I have strong memories of having little boyfriends when I would play some online games growing up like Club Penguin.  Even though that site doesn’t exist anymore, my memories live on strong and I still remember a lot of those boys who I took a liking to.

Modern technology was huge for this story.  There would be no story without technology.  The idea that two people from various parts of the world can come together through a laptop is incredible.  It really shows that technology is incredible and can help bring the world together in many types of ways.

When we think of a matchmaker, we normally don’t think of our computer or phone, but this day and age, anyone can find someone to love with just the press of a few buttons.  It is unique to see that anyone can meet anyone now a day.  It helps keep the world more connected just through the internet.

These kids gambled everything on the hope that the person they were talking to was who they were claiming to be.  What would have happened if one of them was a catfish?  People are just willing to give out such personal information just because of the bonds made online.  I know those feelings, I would have those with friends of mine who live in Canada, but I’ve only met online.  There are people who know more about me from just playing a video game with me then people who are my friends in real life.

An important lesson to take away from this story is that love can come to you in many ways.  Never keep doors closed unless it’s for your actual safety.  I think that everyone has a soulmate, you just must be willing to look in unexpected places to find them.