Love Online

February 6th, 2018

Love Online is a story about two kids who met online and started dating.  The idea of having internet boyfriends and girlfriends online seemed crazy to us back then but now seems like such a common every day thing.  The story really hit close to me personally because I have strong memories of having little boyfriends when I would play some online games growing up like Club Penguin.  Even though that site doesn’t exist anymore, my memories live on strong and I still remember a lot of those boys who I took a liking to.

Modern technology was huge for this story.  There would be no story without technology.  The idea that two people from various parts of the world can come together through a laptop is incredible.  It really shows that technology is incredible and can help bring the world together in many types of ways.

When we think of a matchmaker, we normally don’t think of our computer or phone, but this day and age, anyone can find someone to love with just the press of a few buttons.  It is unique to see that anyone can meet anyone now a day.  It helps keep the world more connected just through the internet.

These kids gambled everything on the hope that the person they were talking to was who they were claiming to be.  What would have happened if one of them was a catfish?  People are just willing to give out such personal information just because of the bonds made online.  I know those feelings, I would have those with friends of mine who live in Canada, but I’ve only met online.  There are people who know more about me from just playing a video game with me then people who are my friends in real life.

An important lesson to take away from this story is that love can come to you in many ways.  Never keep doors closed unless it’s for your actual safety.  I think that everyone has a soulmate, you just must be willing to look in unexpected places to find them.

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