After reading “Facebook’s Identity Problem” by Jessa Lingel, I completely understand why drag queens or anyone who feels more comfortable under another name would get upset about this issue.  It isn’t fair to have someone use a name that they might not be comfortable with.  For me, my first and last name are something that I am comfortable with and I feel OK to share it so my social medias, but I realize that others might not feel the same way.  I think that Facebook made the correct decision to publicly apologize and to get rid of their “real name policy” which stated that uses may have only one profile, and it must be their given name.

It was interesting to read that Mark Zuckerberg once suggested that having more than one online identity indicated a “lack of integrity”.  I am going to assume that this is just an outdated opinion because if he still believes that today, than that is a very closed minded and selfish outlook on life.  He would have no respect or understanding about people who don’t always go by their name, but this is why we are talking about this now.  At the beginning when he had this opinion, it shows why drag queens and others would have their pages deleted.  It shows that there was always that slight intent at the beginning, but I am sure now that is all behind the company.

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