Common Mistakes

Snowboarding is a difficult sport by itself. When you make these common mistakes it only makes the experience tougher. I will share some common mistakes with reminders on what you should do. This should help make sure you are prepared for your next trip.

Not Bringing Enough Gear

Always make sure to have the essentials and any extra gear depending on your skill level. Beginners would want to remember the extra padding while for more standard riders we just need to remember the wool socks. Wool socks keep your feet warm and you will find that snowboarding boots don’t keep them that warm alone. My advice, make a list and check it twice. You won’t want to find yourself panicking to buy gear in town after realizing you forgot a necessity.

Work Out

You will be extremely sore and tired after a full day of snowboarding if you aren’t a remotely active person. There is a lot of work on the legs and being in the mountains makes breathing that much more difficult. I found myself burnt out multiple times when I went boarding after having an injury. Keep active before your upcoming trip, you will feel good and enjoy the mountains without dying for air.

Falling Wrong

This one is harder to fix without training in person. However, you want to land on your butt rather than your face. Try to keep yourself falling behind. Obviously, there are occasions that you can’t prevent a fall forward. In this case you want to be careful and use your hands to guide yourself down rather than hold yourself up. Using too much power to hold yourself can sprain your wrists or worse.

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  1. Austin Dirks on April 13th, 2021

    This was a great blog post! These are definitely important reminders.

  2. Brooke Bescup on April 15th, 2021

    Thank you for these important reminders. I am definitely a person that likes lists, so I would definitely make a list before I go out as well. I also never thought about how essential working out could be to having a nice day riding, so thank you for that tip! I also am getting into longboarding and am trying to learn how to fall wrong, so that tip helped me as well.

  3. Makai on April 15th, 2021

    These are all valuable tips. I think, much like any physical activity, stretching before you start snowboarding is very important.
    The fact that your legs are bound together can make snowboarding an exhausting activity for your hip flexors and leg adductors.
    I’ve definitely found myself regretting a lack of stretching and prep before longboarding for extended periods.

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