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Everything You Need To Know About A Ski Hill

If you’re going on a ski trip you will more than likely be going to a ski hill to do so. The ski hill is a beautiful location that you really get to experience why snowboarding is an experience of a lifetime. Here are the basic components of a ski hill.

The Base

This is the lowest part of the hill and acts as the main hub. All skiers come from the base and leave from the base. It will usually offer food options. Expensive, but they are perfect for when you’re starving after skiing.

The Ski Lift

The scariest part of snowboarding for any beginner. This thing is intimidating and you will be nervous the whole way leading up. Luckily it is never as hard to get on. Getting off is another story. The lift is what takes you to parts of the hill that provide routes to get back down. The views from the lift are breath-taking, which sucks since you’re already on a mountain.


The routes are premade paths that lead back to the base. They have colors to represent the level of challenge. Green is the easiest and made for beginners, blue offers a challenge for the experienced, and blacks which are either physically testing or extremely impossible. Of course, there are the double black diamonds that offer pure bliss once you finally get back to the base.

I hope you enjoyed learning about ski hills and how they work. Make sure to return next Thursday for more insight.

How to Pick Your Perfect Board

You have just decided you want to take a trip to the mountains and snowboard. Congratulations, you are about to have the time of your life. To make sure your time is as enjoyable as possible you follow the following steps as well as future steps in posts to come.

The first step you should do when planning for this trip is to rely on your past. Have you ever skateboarded or longboarded? I have found having past experience with both allows someone to pick up snowboarding easier, it also leads to deciding what kind of board you should choose. Having familiarity with balance is also important and doing some exercises right now can only help you.

To choose a board you must decide between regular and goofy. Regular is having your left foot be the forward foot or the foot that leads you down the hill. Goofy is having your right foot forward. This is exactly like how you skateboard and longboard, so those with experience should know what is comfortable for them. If you are new, the rule of thumb is if you are right-handed, you would be more comfortable with the left foot forward and vice versa. Don’t worry, if you want to switch it up you can always go to any shop to do so. These are steps any rental service will provide you. To make sure your board is easy to control and navigate you would want to make the boots you get with it are snug, not tight but not loose. You will now have a board, get familiar with it, and carry it around. You will be carrying this with you all day and possibly for miles.

Follow up next Thursday at 19:00 for the next tip in preparing for the trip of a lifetime and have a great night!