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Speed Management and Maintaining Control

This post is not going to make you the ultimate snowboarder. I can only give you so many tips, the snowboarding part is all up to you. How can this post help you manage speed and maintain control? Let’s start with speed. If you have had past experience with skateboarding you will know ways to stop yourself while staying on the board. You will do that on the snowboard too, just easier to do it in my opinion. This is how you brake and slow down the snowboard. If you don’t have prior boarding experience, the general idea is to use the bottom of the board to slow add resistance against the hill. The movement for this consists of flipping the board so you are facing down the hill and lifting your toes to have only your heels and back of the board touching the ground. That sounds pretty confusing until you actually see it done or do it yourself. Do you remember Heely’s? That heel back movement is the same movement you will use to brake, except you are using the back of the board to scrape against the mountain and stop your movement. Alternating from having your left foot forward to your right foot forward will also slow you down and provide more control of your speed. This along with braking will ensure you keep manageable speeds for yourself. The more you practice, the more efficient you will be. Always start on small hills to get a general idea of how breaking works before going up on the real mountain.

To maintain control while going down, you will need balance. Stretching and working on your balance will make the experience much more relaxing. You are strapped in, you will have to bend and twist a lot. Being flexible always helps and reduces strain on muscles. Balance is what is going to keep you on the board. You will tilt back and force, you must use your core to keep you upright and strong. If you haven’t squatted before, it is time to start. Squatting not only makes you stronger but gets your leg muscles ready for the strain they’ll be put through holding yourself on the board. Not to mention you will be semi-squatting most of your way down the mountain. Squatting low and flying down the mountain is something everyone has got to try.

What To Bring To The Mountain

When it comes to preparation, having the gear you need is something you must do. Not only will you be more comfortable, you may save yourself from getting injured. Some of these items may seem like beginner items, but when snowboarding you always have a chance to fall.

Snow gear is the simplest gear you should bring. A winter jacket, gloves, and snow pants are the must-haves. This will keep you warm and keep the snow off of you. Items like wool socks and underwear are recommended if the weather is extra chilly. Boots are optional as you may want some that are comfy to walk around in but you will also receive a pair specific to snowboarding that you will use. This is if you are renting, if you choose to own the gear then you will already have them.

Some gear you may not think of includes a butt pad. Man, when you first start or have taken time off, you will fall on your butt a lot and it hurts. Having this will make these falls much more bearable. This will benefit your overall experience, trust me. Knee pads and wrist guards are also apart of this recommendation as they help make falling less painful. You may want to bring a few extra pairs of socks and underwear to have more in case some get soaking wet and you do not have a dryer nearby.

Save More On Gear

Going on a ski trip is expensive. You will want to save money in as many as possible. One way to help reduce costs is to save money on the gear you purchase. From clothing to actually snowboarding gear, I will share ways to find gear at lower prices.


Don’t be afraid to try thrift shops for gear. I have seen whole outfits gathered at a thrift for no more than $100. This is significant when you consider most snow jackets alone can cost well over $100.

Search for winter when the season is ending. When the weather starts to get warm, prices start to get low. Keeping tabs on stores and brands will allow to catch any deals before they end.

Ask family and friends. Sometimes people close to you have extra gear they are willing to share or even give away. Having snowboarded for many years, I have jackets that are too small and I constantly give them away for others to use. Sharing is caring, especially when it saves someone hundreds.


If you don’t plan on snowboarding a lot or it is your first time, rent your gear. Renting is easy and finding the lowest price is as simple as searching for it. If you plan to snowboard a lot, maybe investing in some gear for long term is the better choice. If this is the case, consider the following.

  • How often will I snowboard?
  • How much do I have to spend?
  • Does physical appearance matter to me?

Questions like these help depict the gear you should purchase. If appearance matters, you might have to spend a little more coin to get the cool gear. If not, save that money and just get a well reviewed board. Either way, you’re going to have a great time.

Thanks for tuning in for another edition of Snowboarder’s Insight. I hope you got some valuable tips. Save that money and get to the mountains!

Finding A Place To Stay For A Ski Trip

One of the most expensive parts of a ski trip to the mountains is finding an affordable location to stay. This week I am going to share the best ways to find a great spot to stay.

The first part of a trip is choosing somewhere to go. You can always start by looking up hills close by to get some practice in. If you’re looking to escape for a week or so, a ski trip to the mountains is the best way to release mental stress. If you were to ask me, I would recommend anyone to take a trip to Colorado if they haven’t already. Even if they have gone before, I’d tell them to go again. There are a lot of beautiful resorts and mountains to ski at. My favorite location being Breckenridge, Colorado. It’s a beautiful place that offers nine different peaks to ski on. Use the following tips to find a place in Breckenridge.

When you decide you want to take a trip, you’re going to want to decide on a location right away. The sooner you know, the sooner you can book your stay. Prices are always cheaper the more in advance you plan the stay. Take advantage of tools like Airbnb. I have found beautiful places that were affordable. The problem is that these go quickly. Again, you’re going to want to try to book a stay as soon as possible.

When looking for places to stay, here are some things to keep in mind. How close is your place to the ski base? You are going to have a lot of gear to carry around, so if it is a little far you may want to bring a car. You can also look for a gondola. A gondola is a free mode of transportation that will bring you to the base of a mountain. These are actually a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. Did I mention it is free? Having a place to stay near the gondola is my favorite option. A little walk and then a beautiful ride up to begin the day.

That does it for this week. I’ll be back next week to offer more advice for all snowboarders and soon-to-be snowboarders.