Turtle Time and The Last Leg

Before I recap one of the most iconic episodes of Real Housewives of New York, it is very important that I talk about turtle time. The term coined by one Ramona Singer, she explains that turtle time is about breaking out a bottle (or eight) of Pinot Grigio and kicking back with your girlfriends under the comfort of your own roof and just have a blast. Romona takes turtle time so seriously, her tagline for season 5 is “Get the Pinot ready, because it’s turtle time”. It rolls right off the tongue, I’m guilty of saying the phrase way too much.

Let me jump into a recap of debatably the most iconic episode in Real Housewives history. There were two major things that happened in this episode: Sonja realizing what she’s worth and the leg incident. Season 6, Episode 20 of RHONY starts out with Sonja being distraught after being left by her boyfriend (almost fiancĂ©). A newly single Countess and a tipsy New York businessman do not make for a good combo, especially when that certain tipsy NY businessman has an amazing, confident girlfriend that he “wanted” to commit to. All in all, Sonja proves to be nothing but resilient when she sits Harry down and lets him know that he was totally in the wrong and that he has lost her forever.

Now that we’ve got Sonja out of the way, let’s get to the real nitty gritty: the leg event. Season 6 was filled with attacks on Aviva, I’m not going to sit here and say if they were deserved or not, but the final straw was for Aviva was the ladies talking about if her asthma was real or not. Hmmm…. sounds a lot like Yolanda Hadid and the “m” word if you ask me, which Queen Carole brought up at the party. Anyway, Aviva being upset arrives to the Team Sonja party. Remarkably, she left Ried at home and showed up looking a little less than healthy.

And now for the main event: The Last Leg. With the women whispering and walking on eggshells around Aviva. With the white wine flowing, nothing was held back. Aviva makes her way over to the women and they immediately say how sick she looks. They are dancing around saying the word “Munchausen”, after slandering Aviva’s character and life choices, is when it starts to bubble over.

Attacks on Aviva from all the women were made and they waste no time making sure that they think she is a phony. Aviva cannot take it anymore and lets them know: “The only thing fake about me is THIS!!” and then the leg comes off. A prestigious, New York socialite chooses to slam her prosthetic leg on the table in hopes to prove what? That she isn’t being fake to all of her friends?

That truly was a statement made by Ms. Dresher, she has proven her point all while looking like a complete lunatic. All in all, the women made it through yet another season. We have to give it up for them. Let’s raise our glasses of Grigio to these seven women who are nothing less than entertaining. Here’s to turtle time!