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Breath of the Rising Shield Hero

Hello and welcome to a challenge that isn’t Pokemon for a third week in a row. This time I’ve thought up a challenge based on an anime I really enjoyed. The Rising of the Shield Hero stars Naofumi who has been transported to another world as the Shield Hero. While having no attack he has incredible defense and is aided by his companion Raphtalia. Since I really enjoyed the anime I decided to do a run of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild with a custom rule set. Following the anime’s example, Only shields are allowed to be used for combat, any other tool like sledgehammers and torches can still be used as long as they aren’t being used for combat. As soon as I leave the Great Plateau the plan is to get a horse, appropriately named Filo, and make my way towards Kakariko Village so I can unlock the amiibo rune for the Sheikah Slate as soon as possible. With the amiibo rune and a Wolf Link amiibo I can summon Wolf Link to act as our version of Raphtalia of the run. If ‘Raphtalia’, she can’t be resummoned for 24 hours, so your best bet is to act like the Shield Hero you were meant to be and defend while ‘Raphtalia’ attacks. I think this is a great way to change up how a casual playthrough of Breath of the Wild is. Normally you could easily focus on attacking and defending yourself at the same time, but now you’re forced to defend your only viable offensive options. I’d also recommend watching the anime for the Rising of the Shield Hero or reading the manga if my minor plot summary interests you.