Basic Reading Ability Required?

Hello and welcome back to my latest bad idea. Sticking with last week’s Pokemon trend, I decided to make use of something I picked up a gaming convention last year for this week’s run. If you ever get a chance to go to the Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee I would highly recommend going. This week I’m going to be playing Pokemon Green. Now what makes this game a challenge is the fact that it was only ever released in Japan. So with almost no knowledge of Japanese I only have my knowledge of the game and the attack animations to serve as a guiding light. I’ve played fully through the Kanto region through various games so I have a pretty good idea how to get around at this point. Since I’m playing the very first Pokemon game there are tons of exploitable things I can do to make my run easier. The first thing is that I’m going to pick Charmander and primarily use him during the run. I’m doing this because Charizard learns Slash at level 36, and slash is a high damage physical move that almost always lands critical hits in Generation One. The second thing I’m going to do is write down what level my planned team knows certain moves so I don’t accidentally skip learning a move I need. Third is catching Articuno and Zapdoes when I have access to them because it will help me cover my weakness in the Pokemon League. Fifth and finally I’m going to get a Nidorino that knows Horn Drill, a low accuracy one hit KO, and buy a bunch of X-Accuracies to exploit the glitch that allows Nidorino to have 100% accuracy when using Horn Drill to defeat anything Charizard, Articuno, and Zapdoes can’t handle, my final two team members will just be there so I have Pokemon that can learn the HM moves needed to navigate through the game. While these strategies could be applied to a normal playthrough of Pokemon Red or Blue, it’s an interesting challenge to see if basic reading ability is truly needed to enjoy a game like many boxes suggest.

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  1. Ryan Uhl on May 3rd, 2020

    There are some games that I have seen that look interesting, but are in a different language, which has deterred me from buying them

  2. seems interesting, great article! what pokemon do you like?

  3. Ninja essays on April 21st, 2022

    Programming takes the skills required for a functionary someone who does the same thing over and over again and turns them on their head. Instead of doing the same thing with different inputs all day long, it requires one to take vastly different problems and solve them by writing the same general solution over and over again. Someone who can read well enough to be a programmer doesn’t need to read at all to be a programmer because they already know how to read.

  4. drawnbyhislight on June 8th, 2022

    Games are great! especially if they develop and help achieve the goal! I love to draw drawing manuals, this is my hobby!

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