The Scout Who Couldn’t Jump

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Now that I’m back from my guest blog, I decided I wanted to be a little more social despite the effects of COVID-19 by playing a multiplayer game online. I decided to play Team Fortress 2 with a couple friends of mine. I’ve been playing this game since 2013 and I still play it to this day. As of right now I have over 1300 hours of playtime built up over seven years. Seeing as I had to cause myself some kind of torment, I decided to play the game without jumping as Scout, the class whose biggest appeals are jumping and speed. The only way this is going to be remotely doable is if I use the Force-Of-Nature, a weapon with enough kickback to launch Scout in the air. At first I felt confident in my years of play experience that I would be able to adjust to my jumpless life easily. I clearly did not learn anything from my jumpless run of Super Mario Sunshine. I had to completely rethink how I was going to play through the game. Worst of all, I had to try and learn my new navigation methods but I also had to deal with other players shooting at me. I went on a map that had objectives disabled for the sole purpose of learning how to do this yet there’s always that one person who’s there to ruin someone else’s day. Once me and my friends decided to go into an actual game it was not a great time. Since everyone was playing without any kind of handicap it made it a lot more difficult to contribute to my team. However, the fact that I was slightly buzzed while playing probably didn’t help either.

Gnome Freeman

Hello and welcome to this week’s bad gaming idea. After cruising through the early chapters of Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, I decided I needed to step up the difficulty to get back on the pain train. This time I’m going for a very specific achievement in Half-Life 2 Episode Two. The objective is to carry a small garden gnome from one end of the game, to the other end and put it in a rocket. Now as Half-Life 2 Episode is a first person shooter with enemies ranging from aliens to super soldiers, carrying around a garden gnome is not going to be the easiest task in the world. I’ve been playing Half-Life games since high school but I never got into them as much as one of my friends did. Since he has gotten every achievement in all three of the Half-Life Two games, I asked him for some pointers on how to do the run and I got a lot of good advice from him. For example, he told me that during the chapter where Alyx is injured you can just leave the gnome in the room with her and play the chapter normally rather drag it around with you the entire time. While I didn’t play super long into the game due to its length, it was a very interesting way to play since I was constantly making mental notes to myself about where I left the gnome and if it was safe to throw it somewhere. If you’re not an experienced Half-Life 2 player I would personally not recommend going for this achievement.