Favorite Sport: Hockey is my favorite sport to watch, but the best sport I ever participated in was Cross Country

Sports team: Chicago Blackhawks

Favorite Band: Brandi Carlile is my favorite artist right now!

Favorite Dining Hall: Erbert’s and Gerbert’s

Dream job: I am not 100% sure what I want to do yet, but I think being an Event Planner would be really cool.

What I see myself doing in five years: Hopefully in 5 years I will have graduated Whitewater with my BA and be working in a position that I love!

Favorite Quote: “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody”

Why did you become an RA?: I became an RA because I experienced first hand how important the transition year between high school and college really can be. I wanted to be someone who could make that transition easier for other students. I also really love helping others, and being an RA seemed like the perfect way for me to do that.

What is your favorite thing about being an RA?: My favorite thing about being an RA is the relationships that I have created with my staff as well as my residents. Had I not accepted this position, I am certain I would not have any of the relationships that I have today.

What else are you involved in?: I am involved in NRHH, LIT, and I work for the Warhawk Fitness Public Relations Team

Piece of advice for other RA’s: This job is absolutely different from any other job you will ever have in your life. In fact, I don’t even like to call it a job because it is so much more than that. Because it is so completely different, my best piece of advice for other RA’s is to talk to other RA’s. Trying to vent about this job to someone who has never held this position can add even more frustration on to whatever it was that was bothering you in the first place! You have an entire staff of people who are going through very similar situations, UTILIZE THEM!

Best story so far: I was typing in the names of “those involved” on my very first maxient report, which confused me because I thought it meant literally every person involved in the documentation, and I included the name of one of my coworkers as one of the “Involved Parties”.

Any extra Reslife Involvement?: Not currently