Favorite Sport: Basketball

Sports team: The Golden State Warriors

Favorite Band: I’m really into a band called the Mowgli’s right now but my favorite artist is named LIGHTS!

Favorite Dining Hall: Ike’s Pasta is life.

Dream job: I would love to be a media coordinator or event planner at Walt Disney World.

What I see myself doing in five years I would love to be working in a communications role at Disney World or in higher education.

Favorite Quote: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney

Why did you become an RA?: I became an RA because I love being around people and have a love for helping others.

What is your favorite thing about being an RA I love being able to be a confidant for my residents and meet new people.

What else are you involved in?: I’m involved at UWW-TV. I was the Executive Director of News at the station for 2 years.

Piece of advice for other RA’s: This is a fun job if you make it one!

Best story so far: Last year, I was on duty with my co, Ashlie, and we were walking in between the buildings. Ashlie looked to her left as we exited the building and were out in the parking lot of Cambridge. As she looked towards the left door, she looked at me and said, “Is that what I think it is?” I looked over at the same area and emphatically stated, “What?!” What we saw was a man without any pants on standing over by the left side door. As I said this, he whipped his head around and saw that we were the RAs and ran into the building…pants down. We were not going to run after this man, but decided to go over to the area he was to see what was going on. As we approached the area, we looked down and saw that he had…umm…how to put this…went #2 on the ground…in the parking lot. Well, we didn’t cover this in RA training, I told myself. After contacting my CD about the situation, I had to document the situation. That was quite an interesting documentation to receive, I’m sure.

Any extra Reslife Involvement?: Nope :/ besides a GLACURH 2015 conference!

Anything else?: I’m so fortunate to have had this opportunity and will miss it after I graduate this year!