Spring Break Greek Community Travel

When you are a part of a community life greek life, there are many connections that are made when joining a fraternity or sorority. As Greek life can be seen across many campuses, there tend to be many who travel together when planning a spring break trip. Spring break is the most common time of the year that college kids will travel together to make memories. Greek unity is something that is widely known on the University of Wisconsin Whitewater campus. Greek communities tend to travel together and make a trip that is a memorable time between all those who go to school together. The top place after taking a survey tend to be Florida as it is a place that can be traveled to by car with others for a cheaper vacation. Greek life has many connections and with that being said those who become close during this time take vacations together because we are all in college and want to make memories. As a personal college student traveling with the greek community makes everlasting memories because we are able to get to know everyone better when you are staying with them for an extended amount of time.


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