Panhellenic Council

Panhellenic Council is a term used by Greek life that is in control over the Greek sororities on campuses. There are two different councils the National Panhellenic Council and then just the Panhellenic Council. As a national council, they make bylaws that rule over all councils to ensure that there is a common sense of leadership. There are many facts that can be confusing when trying to understand Greek organizations and how they run. Panhellenic Council is one of the main parts like glue that hold all of the pieces together. It is important to know the rules or bylaws as we call them that has to be followed strictly as it is what those who serve on the executive board are sworn to. As a personal story, I am on the Panhellenic Council exectuoive board on the University of Wisocnsin Whitewater campus. I am one of the Co-Recruitment chairs who run recutitment in the fall and spring. It is important that within our position we are staying connected with the chapters recutiyment chairs to stay informed before the formal recruitment that happens in fall. As most may not know the difference besides the obvious difference between men and women organizations. It can be scary when joining a sorority and not know who to go to and what the rules are, that is why soririties have the process their first semester that they go through new member education and learn about the values they hold as a sorority women and the bylaws that they will soon need to know once they are initiated. Panhellenic Council holds the power, and can be related to an administrator of a school enforcing the rules that are given to them to ensure the safety of the kids.


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