Fraternity Life

Greek life falls into two branches, one of the branches in sororities which I covered last week. This week we will be talking about fraternities in which men and women can both reside. Primarily fraternities tend to be mostly men such as Lambda Chi Alpha. Similar to sororities, fraternities also have philanthropy that they donate their time and money they have worked to raise for those who are not fortunate enough. Each fraternity man takes an oath when they are initiated into the brotherhood which they had to follow the values that uphold their fraternity standards. Greek life has unity within the brotherhoods and sisterhoods across all campuses, specifically for the University of Wisconsin Whitewater Greek life has a bond like no other. For example, fraternities and sororities do socials to get to know one another and create a bond to help their fundraisers and philanthropy events when they are put on. As I mentioned last week Greek life tends to get a bad reputation especially fraternities because of the inappropriate actions that are correlated with events. Fraternities have to follow bylaws just as other greek organizations, they make a promise to follow these rules as brothers to uphold the standards and true meaning of being in the specific brotherhood. A breakdown of being in a brotherhood means attending chapter every Sunday night and participating in the events and holding a position if you choose to do so. Holding a position with a fraternity can create a large number of connections. Holding a position in most organizations can create leadership experience and show potential companies of employment that you know how to manage time.


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