Sorority Life

Sorority life can be a scary term to so many. As a member of a sorority on the University of Wisconsin Whitewater campus since the Fall of 2018, there have been many connections that I have been able to make and become involved with the campus. The term sorority is an organization that is dedicated to women who are initiated into a sisterhood. There are hundreds of different sorority from National to Local to multicultural. We currently have three National sororities, one local, and four multicultural sororities on our campus. When joining a sorority it is important to know what one is signing up for. Each sorority has one or multiple philanthropy they dedicate themself to. As a member of the national sorority Delta Zeta, we donate the time and money we have raised to Starkey Hearing Foundation, which helps those who can not afford hearing aids, therefore; we provide that. As a personal connection and senior, our sorority has been able to pledge to give five million dollars in five years to Starkey as a national sorority around the United States. Sorority life may seem scary from the way the media portrays typically the negative aspects surrounding greek life as a whole. Sorority life is not for everyone, but for those who want a sisterhood and help the surrounding communities and those who suffer to afford their medical bills for hearing aids.


  • Sydney Rossow

    I think your blog topic is a great way to change the negative light that sororities can be seen in sometimes. I think it’s awesome how you are able to help out those who can’t afford hearing aids, as well as other philanthropic/volunteer activities that you do as a sorority. I’m looking forward to reading your future posts!

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