Social Media Skills Brought to You by Your Local Honor Council

When you first join a sorority, one of the first conversations your new member educator will have with you is how important it is to represent your organization well.  They will add that you are always wearing your letters, and with that, you are always representing your Greek organization.  Your local honor council will hold you accountable for the way you represent your organization, and for good reason!

What My Sorority Taught Me

My sorority taught me that the way you represent yourself online, as well as offline, is very important.  Your personal actions can alter the way others not only view you, but the way in which they view your organization.  Although while you are in college, honor council’s standards may seem frustrating, understanding early on how to represent yourself and your organization well can become a very pivotal asset in your future.  It is important to remember, you cannot take back first impressions, content you post online will be there forever, and do onto others as you would want them to do unto you (yes, I am talking about the way you treat other online, as well as offline). Transferring these representation skills as you go from the Panhellenic to the Professional world is a perfect example of how to leverage your Greek experience as you enter the workforce.

Representing Your Org Online

Social media is a large part of our identity nowadays.  It is a way we represent and express ourselves.  Going back to that first conversation you had with your new member educator, representing your organization online is just as important as how you represent your organization offline.

The online world can be very easy to contribute to, and it can be even easier to overshare!  It is very important to remember that although social media can be an outlet for us, noting what is appropriate and what is not appropriate to post will be another asset you can take into the next phases of your life.

Check out the Representation List I will be posting next for more tips and tricks for how you can represent yourself well online in this day and age.