My Leadership List

Disclaimer: these are not all positions I have held; however I will put a * next to the ones that I have served in.

Positions Within Your Sorority

These are positions that are very important to the growth and integrity of your chapter.  Serving in these roles will benefit your chapter as much as they will benefit yourself.

  • Committee Member*
    • leadership skills
    • Develop your ability to be a team player
    • Communication skills
  • Chair Position*
  • Executive Board Member

Positions Within Panhellenic

These are positions within your local Panhellenic Council.

  • Panhellenic Delegate
  • Panhellenic Executive Board Member*
  • Panhellenic Recruitment Counselor (Pi Chi)*
  • Panhellenic Committee Member*
  • Greek Week Committee Member

Positions Within Your Greek Leadership Team

These are positions that your University may or may not have based on the current structure of your Greek community, and funding allocated by the institution.

  • Undergraduate Greek Intern
  • Graduate Assistant for the Greek Community
  • Higher Education Professional Greek Advisor

Positions as an Alumnae

There are many different ways you can be involved as an alumnae.  These are ways you can continue to grow as a leader, within the Greek community, after you graduate and are no longer a collegiate member.

  • Chapter Advisor
  • Housing Advisor
  • Recruitment Chapter Advisor
  • Chapter Financial Advisor
  • NPC Advisor for a Collegiate Panhellenic
  • Member of an Alumnae Chapter

Positions Outside of the Greek Community

All of these positions are indirectly related to Greek life based on the skills that can be transferable from your Greek leadership to these various organizations.

  • Senator on Student Government
  • Executive Board Member on Student Government
  • President/Vice President for Other Organizations
  • City Council Member
  • Community Committee Member
  • Committee Member for Your Institution
  • Brand Ambassador