Post concert depression

Post concert depression is real. Don’t fight me on this.

Basically, if you live under a rock, post concert depression is after you go to a concert, and all you can think of and all you want to do is go back to said concert. It’s really a pain in the ass.

I’ve been to over 50 concerts, so I feel like I know exactly what it feels like. I’m not too sure how other people feel about it, but when I know that I’m supposed to be working on a school project, or I’m doing something at work, if I have a song in my head, that’s all I’ll be able to think about. I tend to always make a playlist afterwards, and right now, I only have about two on my Spotify because I don’t want to end up with a million of them.

All I really end up doing, is pretty much listen to the setlist over and over and over again to a point where I end up getting annoyed. There’s only one playlist that I still listen to, to this day, that I absolutely love.

Here’s the playlist from Warped Tour 2016:

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