An extremely hypocritcal review

Do you remember my first post where I said that I wasn’t going to do any reviews. Yeah, I lied.

So I went to a concert on Sunday, and it was SO GOOD. It was one of the best concerts that I had ever been to. In case you didn’t see my last post, I saw the band State Champs, and opening for them was Against The Current, With Confidence, and DON BROCO.

When I went to the concert, I had never heard of DON BROCO before, and honestly, I regret it. I was extremely surprised by how good they were. I came home from the concert, and I almost immediately listened to their album Automatic on Spotify. I was so surprised because normally I don’t have high expectations for openers, especially because I’ve seen some that weren’t anything special before, but their performance was so impressive.

The next band that came on was With Confidence. I may be a little biased because they are one of my favorite bands, but they were so good. They were extremely lively and they looked like they were having a good time. And it’s always special when the band looks like they’re having fun as well.

Against The Current was the last opener of the concert before State Champs. I have heard of them before, but I had never seen them live before. I was extremely impressed. The lead singer’s voice had sounded almost exactly as it does on the album. Their performance was extremely lively and entertaining and I would definitely see them again.

State Champs were the headliners of the tour, and they did not disappoint. They’ve always been great live, but since it was the beginning of the tour, they were still extremely energized and excited for the entire tour. They’ve never been bad live as far as I’ve seen them. The lead singer of the band is probably one of the best lead vocalists in the industry that I’ve seen.

Overall, it was a great concert, and I would recommend anyone to go on this tour, because it is extremely entertaining, and all of the bands are extremely talented.

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