Soundtracks and scores

I also really like movies besides just music. Some songs just make me think of those movies, and the soundtracks or even the scores are what make it so iconic.

My favorite soundtrack, believe it or not, is probably Moana. (wow, who would have thought? it’s not like I’ve written a blog post about that either) I just love the entire soundtrack, the songs make me so happy and I just love the movie in general.

My favorite score however, is probably either Harry Potter or Star Wars. I really enjoy Harry Potter, and I may or may not have just gotten a Harry Potter tattoo, but I feel like the score is just so ICONIC. Star Wars is also good because, again, another iconic score. I really like how not only did John Williams write the score for the movie, but also wrote the Cantina Band song, which gets stuck in my head way more than I would care to admit.

Overall, I feel like soundtracks and scores can either make or break a movie, but of all the ones that I’ve mentioned, I feel like they definitely helped make them what they are.

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