Concerts changed my life

When I was in high school I spent the majority of my time either at school or working a part time job. When I did end up having free time, I spent my money on concert tickets. My mom had told me once that I was spending too much money on concert tickets, and my response? At least it’s not drugs.

I was almost addicted to going to concerts. There was something about it that made me so incredibly happy. I still can’t figure it out. I don’t know if it’s the anxiousness of waiting before the concert even starts with a bunch of people that share the same passion that you do. Or maybe it was just being in a room full of people where you already knew that you had one thing in common with them all.

When the lights go down, and everyone pushes to the front of the stage, is definitely a one-of-a-kind feeling. I never knew that I could be so addicted to a certain FEELING.

I have been to so many concerts, and spent way too much money on tickets, but I’ll never regret it. It was something that I felt like I was doing with my life and I was finally living it the way that I wanted to. There wasn’t much of a question whether I knew I was spending my money the way I wanted to, but rather if the experiences and memories I was making was going to be worth it. And it definitely was.

Each summer for the past couple of years I go to a music festival called Warped Tour, and I always make a playlist to get myself excited for going, so here is the playlist that I made from 2016.

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