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November Favorites

Today I will be discussing some of my favorite products that I have used during the month of November. This will include some items that I discovered during the beginning of the month and some that I have just started using but have already become a favorite. These are products that I stand behind and would recommend to those closest to me.

  • Platform Converse 
    • These are a pair of shoes that I have been eyeing for a couple of months but could not pull the trigger for some reason. But in the beginning of the month I was able to get them for 40% from DSW. Since purchasing them they have become my new go-to shoe. The first time that I wore them I got terrible blisters because I did not wear the proper socks. But since wearing the proper socks with them I have not had problems with blisters .

  • Backpack
    • In the beginning of the month I also ended up purchasing a new back to use on a daily basis. The one I ended up purchasing was from Rebecca Minkoff. It is the perfect size to fit all of my essentials. Gum, my wallet, keys, an extra face mask and makeup. It is the perfect lightweight bag to use every day. It is not only functional but practical. 

  • Tula Primer
    • This is a primer that I have recently started using again. It helps brighten and smooth the skin. It is a silicone-free face primer gel that grips makeup without clogging pores. This primer is great at gripping makeup and prolonging the wear of makeup under face masks. Since using this primer again, I have noticed that less makeup has been ending up on my mask. And if you have pores in your t-zone this does a good job of minimizing their appearance.

  • NYX Lip Oil
    • Another favorite of the month is the NYX Professional Makeup Bare With Me Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Lip Conditioner, which is entirely too long of a name for a lip product. But this product is extremely lightweight and does a great job of hydrating and soothing. This is a product that is perfect to put on in the morning while getting ready because once you’re done, your lips are left feeling smooth.

  • TikTok
    • My final favorite of the month is TikTok. Prior to this month I have not been watching TikTok as frequently. But after the drama involving Dixie D’amelio and Trisha Paytas, I started watching more often to better keep up with the drama. But since that has died down I have been watching TikTok every night before bed and sometimes have difficulty putting the phone down.


  • Auburn Luedtke

    Oh my, I spend too much time on tik tok, its crazy. I remember when it first came out i was like no way am i going to download that– but now… i spend all my free time on it. I keep up on most of that drama too, just becuase i know it has nothing to do with me and its entertaining. 🙂

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