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What I Spend in a Week

This fall semester all of my classes are online and because of this I have been living at home. And since the beginning of April I have been working between 32-36 hours a week at a grocery. During this time I have been making a more conscious effort to limit my spending and save as much money as possibly. And I have being tracking my spending more frequently because of a recent social media trend.

During the beginning of the year, many influencers on Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram, were sharing what they spend in a week. I found this trend extremely interesting because it showcased how different people chose to spend their money. So I thought it would be interesting to showcase how I, a fulltime college student working 32-36 hours a week, chose to spend my money. 

Monday 9/28

Mcdonalds- $1.06 on a large Diet Coke 

McDonalds Coke:) | Fast food drinks, Diet coke, Coke

Tuesday 9/29

Amazon- $14.41 on a required class book

Ulta- $15.83 on new makeup items that I did not need

Wednesday 9/30

I did not spend any money this day.

Thursday 10/1

I also did not spend any money this day. 

Friday 10/2

Work- $1.74 vending machine

Work- $.85 vending machine 

Discount Tires- $650 on new tires 

New Tire Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Saturday 10/3

Target- $46.18 on new clothes 

Dunkin- $2.10 on a iced latte

Sunday 10/4

Bite Beauty- $37.34 on more makeup that I did not need 

Dunkin- $2.10 on a iced latte 

Menu | Classics & New Favorites | Dunkin'®

In total I spent $771.61, which is higher than I thought it would be. I would consider this week’s spending to be extremely abnormal because I had to buy new tires for my car. If it weren’t for my purchase at Discount Tires, I would have likely spent less than $150, which is what I typically spend in a week.


  • Ashley

    Hey this post was super insightful for my own spending habits, and it reminded me how I need to be more conscious about my budget because I am trying to save up money for an apartment after college.

  • Auburn Luedtke

    I find this so interesting to see what other people spend in a week. I usually try to keep track of what I spend, and this reassures me that I’m not the only one that buys things I do not need at all hahaha

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