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5 Netflix Recommendations

I love TV and spend an absurd amount of time consuming different shows. When I’m doing homework or have any free time, I am more than likely watching something on Netflix. So, today I will be sharing five Netflix recommendations.

  1. NCIS
    1. NCIS is one of my all time favorite shows. There are currently 17 seasons available on Netflix, so it may take a while to get through all of the episodes, but it is totally worth it. It follows Gibbs and his team of detectives at NCIS- the Naval Criminal Investigative Science- as they tackle a new criminal case in each episode. The main selling point of this show is being able to see the chemistry that the actors and actresses have on screen.

  1. Shameless 
    1. Shameless is a really popular TV series on Netflix, but for good reason. It follows the lives of the Gallagher family living on the South Side of Chicago. The show is extremely well written, while also tackling darker topics. 

  1. Workin Moms 
    1. Workin moms is a comedy that follows the friendship between a PR executive, a no-nonsense psychiatrist, an IT tech and an optimistic real estate agent which was formed during a mommies group. This series follows their adventures in motherhood and building their careers. There are currently only four seasons available on Netflix. It is the perfect show to throw on in the background when you are doing chores or homework because it does not take a lot of attention to follow the plot.

  1. Atypical 
    1. There are currently three seasons of Atypical available on Netflix and it has been renewed for a fourth and final season. Atypical follows Sam, a teenager that is on the autism spectrum, who decides that he is ready to find love. But first he must become more independent. This show provides viewers the opportunity to explore what it means to “normal.” It is a perfect feel good comedy that brings attention to what it is like living on the autism spectrum and how it affects individuals around you. 

  1. The Game 
    1. This is a relatively new show to me and Netflix. Currently there are only three seasons available on Netflix, which I watched in about three days. The episodes are only 20 mins long, making it easy to watch an entire season in one. The Game is a comedy- drama TV show that originally aired in 2006. It focuses on the lives of three footballers, for the San Diego Sabers and their relationship with their spouses. Overall, the series is perfect to throw on when you’re doing other work because it does not require a ton of attention. 


  • Jillian Mrugacz

    Hi Morgan,
    I am someone who is always looking for new shows to binge watch on Netflix so this is the perfect article for me! I really like how you explained the shows in depth to give a good idea of what each is about. I also like that you included pictures to make it easy to find them on the cluttered Netflix home screen.

  • Auburn Luedtke

    I like this idea a lot, as we were all in quarantine for a while, I watched probably everything on Netflix and need new shows or movies to watch. I think you did a great job on describing these to those who would want to watch it! Can’t wait for next week’s post.

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