How to stay busy in quarentine once school ends

Hi everyone and welcome back! In all honesty this was something that was very difficult for me and was probably for a lot of people. My favorite thing is to stay busy and to always have something to do so when quarantine hits it was very stressful. But, I have some tips to help you stay busy. First, is Netflix. I repeat myself with this but, I love Netflix and it is something I always do when I am bored. Getting invested in shows that you love is something to keep you busy. Over this past year my favorite show was definitely All American. Every night me and my parents would sit down and binge watch this together. I guess this quarantine is different because a lot more is open so the next tip I have is getting a job or internship. I am so excited to be starting an internship this summer at Cielo. Lastly, I also love interior design so something else to do is to invest in your living space. This is very important for mental health and to keep yourself motivated. One of my summer jobs is redoing my room, it keeps me busy and it is also something I really enjoy.

This may be weird but, here is some inspo I am going off of for when I am redoing my room

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