College is Coming To An End );

Hi everyone and welcome back! I wish this was a blog where I was giving helpful tips and ways to encourage you but, it’s not. I am so sad to say I am a senior in college and the best four years of my life are coming to an end. I bet most of you can relate and you are not very happy about this change. I think this really is a larger change than transiting from high school to college. I feel like I am finally fitting into Whitewater and finding the friends of a lifetime and now it is ending. I am really nervous to move back home with my parents and start a real job for the rest of my life. College hasn’t been easy, but it was the most amazing time of my life so far. Living on my own and learning who I am as a person was the scariest most exciting thing I have done so far. I have learned a lot about myself as a person, who I want to surround myself with, and things I like to do in my freetime. I have gone throughout a lot of changes like changing my major and whole career path to making new friends, getting in fights with friends and learning how they are changing too. I have met some of the most amazing people in my life that I will keep right next to my side for the rest of my life. Overall, I am just really sad that this is all coming to an end but, I am so excited for the rest of my life and to see what lies ahead of me. It is going to be scary but it’s going to be so fun. I hope you all had an amazing college experience and just like me, can look back at the past four years of your life and smile at all your accomplishments. We have all been through so many tough days, weeks, months, and years in college but we can finally say we did it and move on to the next chapter!

Weekly Shoutout: The University of Wisconsin Whitewater. I wanted to save this one for last for many reasons. I was very hesitant about going to Whitewater because I really wanted to go out of state to pursue my dancing career. But, I can honestly say I am so happy I didn’t do that and pursued a Communications degree at Whitewater. This university and city has brought me so many great memories and it gives me a smile on my face. I am forever grateful for all the tough and great times this school has given me and I will never regret my decision for picking this school to get my degree at.


  • Makai

    College coming to an end is definitely going to be a strange experience for me. I’ve really appreciated having the freedom to spend time working on myself, and my projects, all on my own. It’s been a satisfying period of self-discovery. Like you said, it’s definitely an experience I’m grateful for.

  • Mohammed Al Khathlan

    I Absolutely agree. College was a great time to do and discover new things, and there is a great sadness to leave this place and time. But it is thrilling to see what to future has in store for us

  • Madison Sabel

    Great post! I have loved following your blogs each week. I think we are very similar in a lot of ways, so learning from you has been great! I wish you nothing but the best as you make the transition between college and your full time career.

  • Brooke Bescup

    This is an amazing post and honestly made me really sad. I am a junior right now and have just decided to stay another year to pursue a double major. However, before I decided that I already started feeling sad about only having one year left. Even right now I keep thinking how crazy it is that I only have two more years left of my college life, and then BAM you are an adult. I think that thinking forward this year has definitely made me be more bold, have more fun, and truly appreciate the little moments in college, and epecially covid influenced that all. I can’t believe how sad it must be to graduate, but I wish you luck in all of your future endeavours!

  • Savannah Bertram

    Stop Lissie! You’re going to make me cry! Our experiences making our college decision are actually very similar. I wanted to leave the state to pursue my music career. Now, every single day I think about how thankful that I decided to change my life path and study communications at UW-Whitewater. There is nowhere else I would rather have grown up the last four years. I wish you the best of luck with your post-grad plans. I know that wherever you are, you’re going to kill it!

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