How to Be Okay with Resting

Hi everyone and welcome back! This week is tricky and is something that I don’t think I will ever master. I have grown up with a very fast past life and I never really had time to rest. I am okay with this but it takes over sometimes and I get really stressed. This specific semester I again don’t have a lot of time off. I am always running around either it being work or going into one of my in person classes. The only day I really have off to get a lot of stuff done is Wednesday’s. But, even though I save a lot for Wednesdays this is also my only rest day. I have to remind myself of this. It is okay to take a break. No one can go 24/7 and quite frankly it really isn’t healthy for one’s body. But, what I have learned throughout the years is it is okay to be busy everyday but at some point you have to figure out when to take a breath and do something that you enjoy. Sometimes I like to take a break and hang out with my roommates or sit on social media. Also, a big thing that I love to do to help myself regroup is my night time routine. I have learned that this is a perfect time to let myself unwind and take time to myself. I like to have a night time routine with what I do every night. First, if it is a special night I like to take a shower and enjoy myself with doing any kind of skin care. After my shower I like to get ready for bed and put lavender essential oils on my sheets and turn on my salt lamp. I also like to put my essential oil diffuser to set the vibe for the night. Once I am ready for bed I jump in and take out my planner and journal about my day. Once I am done journaling I take out a book and read for a little bit. Some days I don’t do this and I just watch TikTok or watch Netflix. You have to remind yourself everyday and relax. It is good for your health and it is actually very essential. I challenge you this week to take a part out of your day everyday to take time for yourself.

Some of my favorite things to do at night

Weekly Shoutout; Last Chance U. This is a Netflix Series that I have been loving. This show is very moving and they tell stories that make me emotional. I feel like this is a good show for people to watch because they can learn about where other people are coming from. I recommend the basketball one, I just finished my first series this week. 10/10 recommend.


  • Brooke Bescup

    I absolutely love this topic for this week, as this is something I forget to tell myself as well. I currently work two jobs, am in a sorority, and am in club volleyball all while doing full-time school, so I completely get where you are coming from. I don’t take enough time for myself either and I think I need to start doing something like this to wind down for the day too, so thank you for this reminder!

  • Adeline Edwards

    Hi Lissie! This post was a great reminder to take a break. I know Americans can sometimes be seen as “lazy” by other countries’ standards (which I think can be true) but I think that we have such a “work, work, work” mentality and we get so tired that it’s hard to function at full capacity. I think that if we started to have a better work-life balance in general, it would be easier to rest and feel no guilt for taking a break. Great post!

  • Michael Marron

    It is really tough for me to rest because I am always so stressed about school and online classes. I really enjoyed this article because it gave me some relief knowing I am not the only one like this.

  • Savannah Bertram

    Hi Lissie!

    Your advice here is great! It seems like you’re amazing at listening to what your body needs, like how you practice self-care in different ways depending on how you’re feeling. Being able to love yourself and be happy while you’re alone is very important! Thanks for highlighting that!

    Great post, see you next week!

  • Alijah Peper

    I feel like this semester in particular has been a buisy one for everyone, so learning to take time for yourself and rest is esentule. I’m someone who likes to work all day and relax during the night. It’s somthing that won’t work for everyone, but I find it works best for me.

  • Madison Sabel

    Hi Lissie! I agree with you on this. I am very similar to you in the fact that I live a very fast paced lifestyle. I also have insomia making it hard to sleep at night. Naps are amazing and are a great brain break. It’s my time to reset and recharge!

    Once again, great post!

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