Humans and trees bare such a strong resemblance. They grow, they change with the seasons and they bend with the wind. But yet, they never just crack. They feel the weight of the world, the weight of the fierce winds but never simply fall. Trees are a beautiful thing. A beautiful design of nature that are mighty and dignified. Humans are just the same. They reach higher with ever passing moment, they breath in deeply the world around and wish for the world beyond their reach. But yet, just as the tree, the roots keep them stable, give needed grounding in the world so that they may always have a home to return to. The roots are what support both the human and the tree alike when things look troublesome. Trees and humans bare this common trait. The tangled complexity of its beginnings. Some parts are the main support; they put at bay the ever pressure of the winds and rains. Others are a burden as they are pushed up by other forces such as stones or human activity, or even other trees that get too close. For you see, nothing is perfect, even for the tree, even within the roots. Nevertheless, strength is found here, even if it is not where it will continue to be brought from. One day, the strength with come from within. The leaves that collect the sunlight, the dense bark that will protect the soft center. Trees and humans are so similar. They rely on the roots before all but will always gather strength from within the core, and will always weather through the storm, even if they are alone out in a lonely field.