One day, I will go there. I will go beyond the stars. I will go beyond the extent of our known universe and I will escape. I will escape everything that is and everything that will be. There is nothing but experience, out beyond our stars. There is nothing but adventure and a life to be had far beyond the reach of my hand, of those trees, of our tidal locked moon, of the stars. And though I think so freely, I search so willingly, I cannot help but lower my gaze and remember the vastness of our existence. I feel, I know, that I reach too far into the unknown. I am searching far beyond what even man can comprehend. I want to go there, I want to see whatever is past the glowing lights in our sky, and I may never want to return. Again, I lower my gaze. I am far too little to comprehend, just as my fellow men and women here. I will never understand the science, the creativity, the vastness of the universe I wish to explore. Simply put, I am merely a child in comparison to the sky above; the sky, of which, that has lights that have yet to reach us, lights that my never reach us before the ending of our short existence on the pale blue dot.

But still, I raise my hands high once again, my back scratching from the cement I rest upon as I gaze upward. I still wish to know what is beyond. I can live as I do, a small fragment even upon our world, and still have wanderlust twinkling in my eyes. For you see, leaving life up to the small insignificant details of who one will be in the record of time, is far too mechanical, far too human; records are so lacking in true appeal. Wishing for the grander things around us will lead to great things, to great interest in one’s life. Desire for adventure, desire for something beyond your reach, can lead to such immense self discovery.

I reach not just to the stars to see beyond them, but, rather, I reach for someone inside of me that strives for the great beyond my simple mind.