Welcome to my blog.

For this site, I will be exploring writing through photographs. All pictures and writing will be of my own creation. I will be focusing the two posts for each week to convey simple stories that don’t necessarily share common ground. I want to create a sense of depth that will allow people to view images with a different perspective. Thus stating that I will not always approach the image with a typical story one might imagine for the scene.

My name is Caroline James. I am interested in presenting this information because of my love for writing and photography. I have taken several creative writing classes as well as been continuously creating personal, creative content for more than eight years. I have also submitted pieces to writing magazines and have had at least one of those published. I do not have as much background in photography, however, I have owned a professional camera for over a year and did several self-study sessions. I am also currently enrolled in a digital photography class and have taken several design classes that assist in the construction of the photos I will be taking. All content will be of my own design.