It was like a bittersweet call. When the door shut behind her, the room was engulfed in an all consuming black. The only thing that withstood the darkness was the ominous red glow of the exit sign. For some reason, unknown to myself, my eyes would focus in the dark. I couldn’t see the hall before me, nor the stools and rusted locker row that seemed so out of place. All I could see was that daunting text above her way out. I thought for a moment about maybe, just maybe scrambling in the dark toward the door. I would attempt to remove it from its position and retrieve what hid behind. But that darkness. What could be beyond? A trap, maybe. There could be a hole in the floor now that the lights were gone. I could plummet a thousand feet down. I would either break my neck, or, if, by some miracle, I survived, I would die of starvation. It was not a pleasant outcome, if the floor were truly gone. There could also be bear traps or caltrops scattered about. One would grip my by the ankle and I would no longer be able to walk. The other would bury itself deep in the arch of my foot and would sever my nerve endings. What a morbid little thoughts.

I have not moved a muscle since the thoughts began. I was too fearful of what could be ahead, and, quite frankly, I wasn’t sure I was ready just yet. I couldn’t follow her, it was my conviction. I was trapped within my ways. But maybe one day, I will travel across that minefield, open that door, and put forth the words I have held to tightly to my heart.