Apis mellifera. The western honey bee. In a symbolic sense, the bee is a sign of productivity and a good work ethic. They say so faithfully that it symbolizes the ability to work together, like a colony, to accomplish all that needs to be done. I find this to be near nonsense. I can only scoff at the idea as I align my lens on the perfect specimen before me. He is a beautiful shade of yellow with powerful wings and powerful legs.  He is working hard this fine morning when the wind doesn’t even whisper or tangle up the bushy plants; it seems to respect the work of the honey bees and wishes not to disturb them. I wouldn’t say it aloud, but I respect the damn thing too. Enough so, that I wait for him to get comfortable upon the white plant I had just become acquainted with before adjusting all the little parts of my camera to possibly gather the perfect shot. The mount moves forward, the aperture closes as the number goes higher and I make sure to check the ISO that had been causing me problems with my last collection of the daunting bees. Everything just ended up whitewashed in some amount or another, and since the darn things never sit still too long, I never really captured their form in a descent fashion.

Click. The exposure is caught in an instant and the little creature floated away like there were no cares in the world when I heaved myself to my feet.