What’s a prezi??

I learned very recently that a student was asking for help with a prezi. What’s that?! Someone told me it was like a PowerPoint presentation “on steroids.”

There’s a web site for Prezi. It says it’s a “zooming presentation editor” and provides some examples you can watch. There is also a lot of help on the site to get you started, whether you are starting from scratch or “Prezifying” an existing PowerPoint. The instruction includes cheat sheets of the main points, and there’s a manual available.

You can have content including text, images, videos, YouTube videos, PDFs, or other media, and you can direct elements to fly on and off the screen in exciting ways and resize them to emphasize their relative importance during the presentation. It’s free cloud-based software as long as you don’t need more the 100MB, and you don’t mind your presentations being public. If you want them to be private, or you need more storage space, you must subscribe. Either way, you can save your creations for offline presenting (backups are always a good idea!). There’s even a Prezi Viewer for iPad (which also lets you edit your Prezi on your iPad).

Have fun!

Here’s a sample (click the right arrow to advance, and then to select autoplay click it under “More”):

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