New Stuff Tuesday – March 27

Regulators Gone Wild

Regulators Gone Wild:
How the EPA Is Ruining American Industry
by Rich Trzupek
GE310 .T79 2011
New Arrivals, 2nd floor

It’s Spring Break, and it’s that time of year when college students [and those that may think they’re still in college] get a little crazy. Some might even say that they… go wild. Imagine my surprise when I was looking for this week’s featured title and found this gem that wasn’t referring to beach vacation exploits that should have been kept a secret.

Trzupek, an experienced environmental consultant, wants the world to know that the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA], the government agency charged with protecting Mother Nature’s interests, isn’t doing their job. He contends that the regulators have thrown science out the door in favor of activist policies that offer no real benefit to the environment. The author covers the current green movement and its rampage against the private sector, which has sought to tie down American businesses. The book is certainly a different viewpoint from those proclaiming the gospel of going “environmentally friendly” and green.

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One Response to New Stuff Tuesday – March 27

  1. Infovoyeur says:

    [1.] CHESTER, flaneur-potato, sez: “Well it could be treu. For instance my Associate’s hoam was on a river bank with a littel low part he wanted to put a dokk in for his bote. Well someone EPA? oops maybe our own DNR, said “no, it could provide the habitat for one-third of a dukk, so forget it.” Seams also unfare to the dukk but such is burokrasie, eh…

    [2.] BRIAN, emerititis professor, says: “This is rich pay dirt and grist for the mill for learning how to do better critical thinking. We ask: “What are the mind-sets and motivations above and behind the alleged views of the EPA and also of the author in writing this book? The stances which determine their specific stands on things. Whether known but unstated (political power, financial profit), or unknown even to self (psychogenic).” Identify this and you’ve krakked the koad, discovered the real reasons, usually unstated, often unknown.” [Lecture is over; TTFN…]

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