Happy Birthday, Girl Scouts!

So I’m a little late to the party, but it’s because I was in a sugar coma from inhaling the these boxes of cookies that some adorable little girls sold me. OK, so I haven’t gotten my cookies yet, but I did just find out that my Girl Scout cookies that I purchased from my nieces have arrived [that’s right, twelve boxes – I’m a good and supportive uncle], and just the thought of a Tagalong or a Thin Mint is enough to put me over the edge. [Side note: did you know that there’s a COOKIE FINDER APP?! Genius!]

It turns out that the Girl Scouts of America turned 100 yesterday. If you’re looking to find some information about the ever-population organization, a book on the founder, Juliette Gordon Low, was recently published and available at the Andersen Library. You can find Juliette Gordon Low: The Remarkable Founder of the Girl Scouts in the Browsing Books Collection on the Second Floor [HS3268.2.L68 C67 2012]. You can also search for information in Academic Search Complete – a simple search for “girl scouts” retrieves over six hundred articles from magazines and scholarly journals.

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday, Girl Scouts!

  1. Ronna says:

    Thin Mints ROCK! But it seems like the number of cookies in each box is shrinking. Or is that just because I am eating them faster?

  2. kyle says:

    i didn’t want to bash them for the numbers shrinking and the prices going up, but it’s true. on the other hand, it just means that they’re smart business girls. they’ve got us hooked and know that we’re willing to pay!

  3. DJ says:

    Girl Scouts is a great way for girls to learn leadership & budgeting skills, the importance of community service and survial skills, like making a campfire, pitching a tent, cooking, and most of all being prepared at all times. They also practice goal setting and achieving along with group decision making. Congrats Girl Scouts on turing 100. I have a friend who remembers being in Girl Scouts in the 1920’s, so it’s a group that makes lasting impressions on people (songs they sang, places they went and skills they learned).

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