THE infamous library book

It’s nearly Halloween and that means the Library is once again fielding questions about the infamous book that either kills its readers or drives them crazy. Obviously there are some good storytellers out there who like to send shivers up the spines of unsuspecting college students. Sometimes the story is told about one book, sometimes it expands to three books. Although such a book (or books) is unlikely to exist anywhere (and certainly not in the UWW Library), you might be interested in checking out the Library’s Online Catalog to find a few of the books that highlight strange goings on in Wisconsin.  Here are some examples of local Wisconsin ghost tales and folklore. So enjoy — and beware!

  • Haunted Wisconsin, by Michael Norman and Beth Scott
  • Weird Wisconsin : your travel guide to Wisconsin’s local legends and best kept secrets, by Linda S. Godfrey)
  • The Wisconsin road guide to haunted locations, by Chad Lewis & Terry Fisk
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2 Responses to THE infamous library book

  1. dg says:

    Nicely written!

  2. Rick G says:

    The book is actually mentioned in book “Weird Wisconsin”. It is actually supposed to be at UW Whitewater.

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