New Stuff Tuesday – September 11

'Americans: 1940-2006

Edited by Kunsthalle Wien, Peter Weiermair, & Gerald Matt
Oversize TR644 .A48 2006
New Book Island, 2nd floor

Studying recent history is fun, but it’s even better when there are pictures. Today’s featured item is a collection of photographs from some of America’s most provocative and influential photographers. As the curator of the exhibition on which the book is based, Peter Weiermar writes that [the exhibition] “is about America, its social problems, its outsiders, its conflicts and processes in a half century from the mid 20th century until today.” The artists have captured daily life in the United States – not the glitz and glamor that you see on TV – kids playings in New York in the 1940s, the beat generation in the 1960s, and up to life in New Hampshire today. I find this collection to be interesting because it has been assembled by Europeans, people that have a perspective of the US different than our own.

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