Kermit and PBS LearningMedia

OK. So, I admit it: I’m a closet Kermit fan. I’ve had a stuffed Kermit in my proud possession since somewhere just before Kyle was born (and if you can’t figure that out, then you clearly missed his last New Stuff Tuesday.) Although Kermit was around before his Sesame Street debut and has been active in commercial television and film since, I still thank PBS for my introduction to character education.  I now can thank PBS for another educational tool, albeit rather more purposefully designed for teachers and students of grades preK-16: PBS LearningMedia. Education students and teachers will find videos, interactives, audios, lesson plans, multimedia, and professional development resources, searchable by topic or curriculum standard. From PreK “Dinosaur Train” music videos and lesson plans, to Teacherline videos and resources for professional development, this is an especially notable free resource for all levels.

Yes, I will be including it in our Online Teaching Tools LibGuide, and yes, I look forward to enjoying a certain upcoming film with a few little family members of mine.

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