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The Dolphin in the Mirror

The Dolphin in the Mirror
Exploring Dolphin Minds and Saving Dolphin Lives
by Diana Reiss
QL737 .C432 R457 2011
New Arrivals, 2nd floor

Animals are fascinating creatures, and when they live in water, it’s even cooler. I remember going up to Chicago with my parents when I was a kid to visit the Shedd Aquarium to see all of the aquatic life. While I was particularly fond of the otters, the dolphins were a close second. This week’s featured title gets into the heads of these lovable mammals.

Reiss, a revered expert and Director of the Dolphin Research Program at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, knows a thing or two about dolphins. In the book, she channels this knowledge and her activism to put a face to the mammal, displaying its superior intelligence and exposing their mistreatment in other parts of the world. The author discusses her work with the creatures and their psychological abilities, which surpass many other species. While many people already realize that dolphins are smart animals, this book serves to demonstrate just how sharp they are.

Also of note, Reiss served as an advisor for the documentary The Cove [QL737.C432 C68 2009, Academic DVDs, 2nd Floor], which details the dolphin hunting in Japan.

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