New Stuff Tuesday – September 20

The Risks of Prescription Drugs

The Risks of Prescription Drugs
edited by Donald Light
RA401 .A3 R57 2010
New Arrivals, 2nd floor

You may have heard on the controversy at UW-Madison in the past year or so with regards to the doctors receiving ‘perks’ from pharmaceutical companies in exchange for their business. There are some potential conflicts of interest that arise from these types of situations, and coalitions have pushed for transparency between the two groups. This week’s featured title explores the issue of prescription drugs and their negative side effects more in depth.

Light, professor at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, has pulled together a small collection of articles that tackle the thorny issues that arise from the regulation of the prescription drug market. The opening chapter covers all of the factors and risks of prescription drugs and how the patient is effected by their interactions. The contributing authors analyze the effectiveness of the Food & Drug Administration’s oversight and whether the government agency actually protects individuals. Add in scrutiny of big business, and you’ve got yourself a dose of serious health concerns. The papers are peppered with statistics and references for further research.

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