“Welcome Back to Andersen Library” Raffle Winners Chosen!

Congratulations to Kate Dodge, Corliss Smith, Jerome Goodman, and Rachael Theide for being chosen as our winners!  One winner for each question was chosen at random for the “Welcome Back to Andersen Library” raffle!

The following questions were asked:


What is the name of the Library’s cafe?

A) The Coffee Shhh-oppe

B) The Cage in the Corner

C) Starbooks

D) Food For Thought


What is universal Borrowing?

A) taking things without asking

B) A popular intergalactic library system

C) checking out items from other libraries in the UW System for free.

D) a nasty contagious disease


Which of the following does the library NOT check out?

A) iPads

B) Laptops

C) Nintendo 3DS

D) Kindles

E) Flat screen TVs, complete with surround sound


You notice that we have movies like Avatar and Toy Story 3 and you’d like to check them out.  How long do you get them?

A) one week

B) two days, just like Blockbuster new releases

C) seven hours, thirty eight minutes and sixteen seconds.

D) forever and a day


Thanks to everyone who participated!

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