Summertime: A Look at the Numbers

Summer is officially in full swing. How do I know? As someone that lives in an apartment with no air conditioning, I measure it based on the number of showers required in the day. And, yesterday for example was a three-shower day.

Fortunately, there are other more meaningful measures to examine the hotter temperatures that don’t involve my hygiene. Passport GMID features great information for researching the business behind the fun in the sun. Take a look at the screen captures below* of a visualization of summertime business.

Market Size – Sun Care

Market Share for Unilever – Ice Cream

Consumer Spending for Leisure and Recreation

You can access the data and analysis on all things consumer for over seventy other countries from Passport GMID. There also plenty of other information sources on countries available on our Selected Resources for Research on Countries and Sources of Business Information: Countries guides.

*provided by Euromonitor and posted with permission

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