Library Haiku winners!

To celebrate National Library Week during April 11-15, the Andersen Library held a Library Haiku contest.  Please take a moment to read the four winning Haiku!  Winners receive a certificate for a free Triple Order of Topper Stix, complements of Toppers!

Thanks to everyone who submitted an Andersen Library theme haiku, there were so many great ones to choose from!


The Choice by Alex Matveev

Here you are, scholar.

Looking for wisdom of great.

Surf Facebook instead!


Awww… by B.Becker

In the Library

So many books around me

I must read them all.


Untitled by George Ferencz

Librarians, the

Original “Search Engine,”

Out-Google Google!


Untitled by Jenn Samson

Books, Music, Movies

Endless possibilities

Cheers to Libraries!



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  1. Pchester, flaneur says:

    Vent sable etoiles soleil lune
    Info interet elan
    Imprime donne tout

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