Women’s History Month film festival – Wed., 3/30

In honor of Women’s History Month, the UW-Whitewater Women’s Issues Committee is sponsoring a film festival. All films will be shown in the Summers Auditorium of the U.C., and are FREE OF CHARGE.

Wednesday, March 30 at 5:30 pm: Pray the Devil Back to Hell
Pray the Devil Back to Hell is the extraordinary story of a small band of Liberian women who came together in the midst of a bloody civil war, took on the violent warlords and corrupt Charles Taylor regime, and won a long-awaited peace for their shattered country in 2003. As the rebel noose tightened upon Monrovia, and peace talks faced collapse, the women of Liberia – Christian and Muslims united – formed a thin but unshakable white line between the opposing forces, and successfully demanded an end to the fighting – armed only with white T-shirts and the courage of their convictions. . . . The women of Liberia are living proof that moral courage and non-violent resistance can succeed, even where the best efforts of traditional diplomacy have failed.”

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