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The Cheapskate Next Door

The Cheapskate Next Door:
The Surprising Secrets of Americans
Living Happily Below Their Means
by Jeff Yeager
HG179 .Y426 2010
New Book Island, 2nd floor

Thanksgiving: a time when we reflect on our lives and appreciate all that we are fortunate to have, whether it be loving parents, supportive friends, a stable job or many other things that have shaped us into the people we are today. Along those same lines, it is easy to lose sight of these feelings, especially when we fall on hard financial times. Tightening the wallets or purse strings generally doesn’t evoke happy thoughts, but this week’s featured title demonstrates that money shouldn’t be a determinant in your happiness.

Yeager, self-proclaimed “Ultimate Cheapskate,” traveled the country to seek out fellow individuals that get the most of life without hitting the pocketbook. He examines all aspects of life, from breaking those spending habits to specific money-draining activities like eating out and shopping [I know that’s one of my weaknesses. Oh, and Starbucks and the SweetSpot.]. Offering advice to save you real cash in the long run, the author shows you that life shouldn’t be defined by the material things.

And if the tips that Yeager provides in the book aren’t enough for you, check out his blog, The Green Cheapskate.

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