New Stuff Tuesday – October 26

Comic Relief

Comic Relief:
A Comprehensive Philosophy of Humor
by John Morreall
PN6149 .P5 M67 2009
New Book Island, 2nd floor

For those of you that have seen me in classes or have talked to me at the Reference Desk, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of jokes and kidding around [whether I’m any good at it is a different story]. Therefore, it should be pretty obvious why I chose this week’s featured title.

Morreall, former President of the International Society for Humor Studies, brings humor to the table for discussion in a very serious fashion. Scholars in previous centuries didn’t give formal attention to the subject, brushing it off as unworthy of respect [cue Rodney Dangerfield]. However, as the author illustrates, there’s so much more to it than just making light of situations. He explores the traditional theories of humor, from the Superiority Theory to the Relief Theory, and builds on the philosophical nature of making people laugh. This book is packed with information and scholarly research to support Morreall’s forward-thinking views.

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One Response to New Stuff Tuesday – October 26

  1. Infovoyeur says:

    Well “philo of humor,” its good but like philosophers kinda arid, a lottta Concepts, very few Concretes [ = examples, illustrations].
    The four key concepts analyzed.
    [1.] But,what about humor and Politikal Khorrektness? See, two Jewish joaks. (1) “The new Firestein tire: it stops on a dime and picks up the change.” (2) Jewish dilemma: Free Ham… Both are ethnic-slur insensitive, but one is more artistic (attainment and restraint). (Is art, amoral?) I hait the ethnic joaks, “Why do Mexicans steal Volkswagen buggs, so they can drive the small wheal when handcuffed.” This fails doubly: insensitive, plus klunkie artistically…
    [2.] “Suave.” Joak: An amateur yachtsman said, “Strange–you’d think that an island as large as that one there, would be on the nautical chart.” This is a riot because, see, islands are on charts, and so, if the, I mean is the yachtsman, “me not lost teepee lost,” oh heck with it…
    Cedilla Ampersand, for Chester the flaneur…

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